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Ironweed ()

Modern Library Top 100 Novels of the 20th Century (92)

This Pulitzer Prize Winning entry in Kennedy's Albany Cycle of novels tells the story of Francis Phelan, an ex-baseball player,  now bum,  who is haunted by ghosts in Albany, NY in 1938.  Twenty two years earlier Phelan picked up his thirteen day old son by his diaper and the boy slipped to the ground and was killed.  He also killed a scab driver during a strike when he beaned him with a rock.  In the intervening years, he has taken to the bottle. Now the ghosts of these and other figures from his past are coming back & Francis must try to reconcile with their spirits and with the remaining members of his family.

I happen to have recently read Sophie's Choice & Beloved (see review) which also deal with parental guilt over culpability for a childs death.  I found them both to be hopeless.  This book, on the contrary, like Fearless by Rafael Yglesias, offers hope of redemption and the reader inevitably ends up rooting for Francis Phelan and hoping he can exorcise the demons that drive him.


Grade: (A)


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