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Yeah, so what?  What does his weight or his IQ have to do with anything?  Here's the real question : Rush Limbaugh is such an easy object of satire; how did Al Franken manage to swing and miss ?  If you've ever listened to Rush's radio show, you know how bombastic and braggadocious he is; he seems to be making fun of himself half of the time.  In fact if you've ever heard the Rush parody on Imus in the Morning, the real show isn't much different.  He's completely over the top, tries to stir up controversy, takes on every hot button issue, and talks for three hours a day.  Over the years he must have said thousands of things that you could pick apart and make look stupid.  But all Franken has to offer is a few such examples and some personal invective about his weight, personal history and multiple marriages.  The book is neither funny nor a response to Rush's ideology.

If Franken actually had anything to say, he might have taken Rush down a few pegs.  Instead he got the only response this book really deserved, a book called Al Franken is a Buck-Toothed Moron by JP Mauro.  When you go for the easy shot and don't dig any deeper, you leave yourself vulnerable to like retaliation.


Grade: (F)


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