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I know, I know, I can hear you now : why in the name of God would I want to read 300 pages about mummies ?  Well, let me just briefly try to convince you that you do want to.  First of all, Heather Pringle is a terrific writer.  This is popular science writing as it should be done--witty, interesting and accessible.  Second, the mummies themselves are fascinating.  Though we tend to think of just the Egyptians and old horror movies (which, amazingly enough, she was not a fan of as a youth), a wide range of cultures--including our own, as Pringle shows in the very amusing final chapter--have been obsessed by the idea of preserving the body even after death.  The mummies offer her the opportunity to look into each of these cultures and into a variety of topics, including disease, murder, drugs and other equally juicy matters.  Finally, the scientists and researchers who study the mummies are a colorful and interesting group in their own right and Pringle, though sympathetic to them, has a good sense of what makes them entertaining.  Just trust me on this one; read the book; it's great fun.


Grade: (A-)


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