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Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil: a Savannah Story ()

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    You'd have to be a complete wet blanket not to have a good time reading John Berendt's Midnight
    in the Garden of Good and Evil.
        -Charles Taylor, Salon Magazine

Apparently, I am that proverbial wet blanket.  Throughout the 80's, John Berendt, an Esquire columnist living in New York, took advantage of cut rate airfares to travel the United States before determining:

    An idea was beginning to take shape in my mind.  I would make Savannah my second home. I
    would spend perhaps a month at a time in Savannah, long enough to become more than a tourist if
    not quite a full-fledged resident. I would inquire, observe, and poke around wherever my curiosity
    led me or wherever I was invited. I would presume nothing. I would take notes.

It was his enormous good fortune that on May 2, 1981, Jim Williams, a colorful (but then who in the book isn't?) antiques dealer, shot and killed his hotheaded young boyfriend Danny Hansford.  The subsequent legal tangles give his story a mild plot line, though by the time all of the trials have concluded Savannah and the author seem to be pretty tired of it, and the reader certainly will be.  But the real point of the book is to display the vast collection of truly bizarre characters the author found in this gothic Southern town.  As The Lady Chablis, a black transvestite, says:   "The South is one big drag show."

So if you find staring into a moral cesspool amusing, this is the book for you.  Personally, I felt like I was in the Coliseum watching Nero feed Christians to the lions (see Orrin's review of Quo Vadis?).  As our economy continues to crank out bread, our culture seems more and more to offer us circuses like this one.  Of course, the difference is that in this case there are no Christians.  In fact, the book should really be called Midnight in the Garden of Degenerate and Evil--there's no Good that's readily apparent.  There is a significant strain of thought in Right Wing ideology, particularly among the Christian Right, that we are in the end of days, that Western Culture has become so decadent that it's demise must be imminent.  I am much more optimistic than that, but reading this book certainly made it seem as if the doomsayers have a point.


Grade: (C-)


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