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Having developed into a political junkie at far too early an age, two of my favorite books were Dark Horse, by Fletcher Knebel, and The Wanting of Levine, by Michael Halberstam (brother of David). Both relied on rather far-fetched machinations to put unlikely candidates on the national presidential tickets where they proceeded to thumb their noses at the bosses of their own parties. In 1904, Frederick Rolfe did them one better and used a novel to make himself the first English Pope, from which eminence he proceeded to settle scores with old friends/enemies, the Church, Socialists, etc., etc., etc. Rolfe, a paranoid, spendthrift, homosexual, convert to Catholicism, failed candidate for the priesthood, fake aristocrat, had plenty of axes to grind and it can be amusing to follow the action as he does so with great gusto and employing ornate language along with words he makes up as he goes along, but when, after 366 pages, his fictional doppleganger, George Arthur Rose (Hadrian VII), is finally shot, the reader may wonder what took so long.


Grade: (C)


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