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No stories are better known or fiercely treasured than those in the Bible. And the influence of the King James version of the Bible is so pervasive in the English-speaking world that not only can we be said to all know those stories in identical wording but the word choices and phrases therein, to a considerable extent, shaped the very language we all speak today. The writer then who undertakes a reverent novelization of the Gospels, or any Bible story really, must respond to a series of unique challenges. Among them, he must achieve a voice distinctive enough to stand comparison with his source. He must both remain true to that source and, at the same time, depart enough to justify our not just reading the original. And, perhaps hardest of all, he must write a few moments into his text that will move a reader as profoundly as the Gospels do, and manage this despite the fact that we obviously know what's coming. Given the immensity of these tasks it will be the rare author indeed who succeeds, but Walter Wangerin does so brilliantly in Jesus: a Novel.

It probably helps here that Mr. Wangerin's past novels include distinctive fantasies, like The Book of the Dun Cow. That great novel is told almost in the form of a Bible tale and in a rich language that is freighted with significance yet totally accessible. In a sense then, where Dun Cow is a fantasy influenced by the Bible, Jesus can almost be said to reverse the process, with fantasy influencing the Bible story. This makes the familiar stories seem fresh and the author's mastery of language and tone give his storytelling the mythic quality the undertaking requires. Where he really reached greatness in my eyes though was in the scene where he depicts the Last Supper. The narrator at one point says that the bread was so dry as to suck all moisture from the mouth and that His words left them breathless. Easy enough for an author to say, but as I reached the end of the episode I found my own mouth had dried out and I'd not been breathing. Such communion with an author's purposes is so rare that it was downright spooky, or, rather, a moment of transcendence. I obviously can't guarantee you the same, but for me, at least, reading this was itself a religious experience and a beautiful one.


Grade: (A+)


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