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Grade: (A+)


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Norman Davies (2 books reviewed)
Norman Davies Links:

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-ESSAY: The Dnieper rapids and why Putin does not belong in Ukraine: Even the country’s East is not natively Russian (Norman Davies, 27 August 2022, Spectator)
   -ESSAY: Britain and the Warsaw Rising (Norman Davies)
    -ESSAY: Lest we forget: Britain's failure to recognise Poland's wartime sacrifices is shameful (Norman Davies, November 8, 2003, The Guardian)
    -ESSAY: The Lessons of History for the Invaders (Norman Davies, 5 April 2003, The Independent)
    -ESSAY: Cabbages and kings: Norman Davies savours the breads, stews and sculptural desserts of Polish cuisine in Krakow. (Norman Davies, 31/07/2004, Daily Telegraph)
    -AUDIO LECTURE: "Britain and Australia: holding together or falling apart" (Norman Davies, The City Recital Hall, Angel Place, Sydney, 21 August 2001)
    -EXCERPT: First Chapter of The Isles
    -LETTER: While we have your attention, Mr President... (Norman Davies, November 18, 2003, The Guardian)
    -REVIEW: of Postwar: A History of Europe Since 1945 by Tony Judt (Norman Davies, The Guardian)
    -REVIEW: of THE GREAT TERROR A Reassessment. By Robert Conquest (Norman Davies, NY Times Book Review)
   -REVIEW: of Konarmiya (Red Cavalry) by Issac Babel (Norman Davies, Sarmatian Review)
    -REVIEW: of Aleksander Wat Life and Art of an Iconoclast. By Tomas Venclova (Norman Davies, NY Times Book Review)
    -Norman Davies (Wikipedia)
    -ARCHIVES: Norman Davies (NY Review of Books)
    -PROFILE: Norman Davies: Daniel Snowman meets the historian of Poland, Europe and �The Isles�. (Daniel Snowman, July 2005, History Today)
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    -INTERVIEW: Interview with Prof. Norman Davies (British Studies Web Pages)
    -INTERVIEW: Norman Davies: Shadows of a lost city: Norman Davies turns our maps of the past on their heads. His new book presents the Germans as victims of war, as well as aggressors. (Boyd Tonkin, 04 May 2002, The Independent)
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Book-related and General Links:
    Poles remember an uprising as the world starts to forget (Jan Cienski, July 30 2004, Financial Times)
    Counting Stalin's victims 50 years on: March 5 2003 marked the 50th anniversary of the death of one of the greatest mass-murderers of all time - the Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin. (John Ballantyne, 6/28/03, News Weekly)