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Phillip Dick (4 books reviewed)
Science Fiction & Fantasy
Phillip Dick Links:

    -WIKIPEDIA: Philip K. Dick
    -AUDIO INTERVIEW: with Philip K. Dick (Charles Platt conducted this interview with Philip K Dick at Philip’s home in Santa Ana, CA on May 17, 1979 for Platt's book Dream Makers)
    -VIDEO: Philip K. Dick Theorizes The Matrix in 1977, Declares That We Live in “A Computer-Programmed Reality” (Open Culture))
-BOOK LIST: The Best Philip K. Dick Books (recommended by David Hyde, FiveBooks)
    -ESSAY: Minority Report and the Work of the Devil (Alex Lei, 2/13/24, Splice Today)
    -ESSAY: Welcome to Philip K. Dick’s dystopia: Nothing is private and no one is free (DAVID SAMUELS, 8/16/22, UnHerd)
    -ESSAY: Philip K Dick: the writer who witnessed the future: Forty years since the death of the sci-fi author – whose stories have inspired films like Blade Runner and Minority Report – Adam Scovell explores how prophetic his work has been. (Adam Scovell, 1st March 2022, BBC)
    -ESSAY: Philip K. Dick and the Fake Humans (Henry Farrell, 1/16/18, Boston Review)
-COMIC: The Death of Philip K. Dick Brought to Life: The science-fiction writer was guided during his life by a prescient inner voice that he sometimes called the “entity.” (Paul Karasik, March 2, 2022, The New Yorker)
    -ESSAY: Pharewell, Phil: Philip K. Dick (1928-1982) (Jason P. Vest, MARCH 2, 2022, Common Reader)
    -The CriticalWave: an ongoing bibliographical list of Philip K. Dick's work.
    The Second Coming of Philip K. Dick: The inside-out story of how a hyper-paranoid, pulp-fiction hack conquered the movie world 20 years after his death. (Frank Rose, December 2003, Wired)
    -REVIEW: of The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch by Philip K Dick (Michael Moorcock, The Guardian)

    -ESSAY: Blade Runner at 40 (JACK BUTLER, July 2, 2022, National Review)
    -ESSAY: More Human Than Human: Blade Runner is about one thing: the plight of sweaty, physical, and passionate men in the digital and corporate age. (Mark Judge, 7/07/22, Splice Today)

Book-related and General Links: