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O. Griffin Judd, The Further Adventures

So I go in & check on my son at 3AM the other night, to see why he's screaming & has been for an hour. Same old same old, he wants out of his crib & into our bed. But there's a new twist; he's got one leg up & almost over the side of the crib.

So Saturday I moved our guest bed down to his room & we let him be a big boy & sleep in a bed. Yeah right... You tuck him in & give him a kiss & he's out the door before you are. After several such episodes, I told him it was stay in bed or back to the crib--as one would guess, I was soon wrestling a shrieking toddler into the crib.

Went in to brush my teeth & with that, a bookshelf or hutch must have tipped over upstairs, at least judging by the resounding thud I heard. But no, there goes Griffin whizzing by, lip bleeding, runs past me & his shell-shocked Mother, leaps into our bed nestles into the pillows & cackles at us.

He'd hurled himself out of the crib somehow, fallen four feet to the floor & couldn't resist rubbing Mom and Dad's noses in his victory.

Little bastard...