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The Maltese Falcon ()

Orrin's All-Time Top Ten List - Novels

In a typical half-way step, the critics were honest enough to put it on the list, but probably hesitant to put a pulp fiction too high.  I believe it is very nearly perfect, and may well belong in the Top 10.

The Private Eye (like the Old West gunslinger before him) is a quintessential American hero.  A lone man, bound by an incorruptible personal code of morals, who gets drawn into tangled situations where only he can restore order.  As the archetypal P.I. novel then, The Maltese Falcon owns a special place in American Literature.

One interesting sidelight to the novel is to compare the final confrontation between Sam Spade & Brigid O'Shaughnessy to Hammett's own showdown with HUAC in the 1950's.  Spade refuses to "play the sap", why did Hammett decide to be a sap for the Communists and his despicable lover, Lillian Hellman?


Grade: (A+)


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