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There's something pitiful about the elation of many on the Right over the fact that Christopher Hitchens has made common cause with conservatives on several issues over the last few years (chiefly Clintongate and the war with Islamic terrorists).  Conservatives only diminish themselves when they sing hossanas to any Leftist who switches sides (like Norman Podhoretz in an earlier time), making it seem that in order to take themselves seriously they need a patina of approval from intellectual elites.  On the other hand, Mr. Hitchens is pretty much the poster child for the old saying : you'd rather have him in the tent whizzing out, than outside whizzing in.  Mr. Hitchens argues so forcefully and is published so widely (who else could possibly place essays in The Nation, The Guardian, National Review, and The Wall Street Journal), that there must be something comforting for any politico who finds himself, however temporarily, agreeing with Mr. Hitchens instead of opposing him.

Pity poor Bill Clinton then, who had the misfortune to play Emperor to Mr. Hitchens little boy, leading to an eight year gavotte in which Mr. Clinton hid behind a bevy of liberal flacks, willing to engage in misdirection, lying, and character assassination for him, while Mr. Hitchens, nearly alone on the Left, used every venue at his disposal to alert the world to the Emperor's lack of clothes.  All the President's men had little trouble portraying conservative critics as partisans, but Mr. Hitchens's attacks are not so easily dismissed.  Nor is the Hitchens thesis a terribly welcome one for the Right.  For what Mr. Hitchens argues, always vociferously and often compellingly, is that not only was Bill Clinton personally corrupt, he also governed as a Republican.  To Mr. Hitchens this is just one more reason to loathe him, but for many conservatives the thought is just too awful to contemplate.

The basic case that Mr. Hitchens builds on the legislative front includes the Clinton Administration's acquiescence in such Republican policies as Welfare Reform, balanced budgets, don't ask-don't tell, killing Health Care reform, etc.  He relates a story about writing an essay for Dissent in 1996 that referred to Clinton as the lesser of two evils (presumably less evil than Bob Dole), which led to the following exchange with the magazine's editor :

    ...Michael Walzer inquired plaintively : 'Why is it that some people on the Left seem to hate Bill Clinton!'  I thought then, and I
    think even more now, that they mystery lies elsewhere.  Why do so many people on the Right hate Bill Clinton?

Setting aside the fact, which Mr. Hitchens may genuinely not comprehend, that conservatives actually take character seriously, he does have a point as regards Mr. Clinton's general surrender on the core provisions of the Contract with America.  And assuming, as the media and the Democrats were so fond of telling us, that the Republican class of '94 was the most rabidly Right-wing gang of vandals ever to stride the halls of Congress, then the degree to which the President accepted their platform would tend to suggest that he should be viewed as a conservative figure himself.

At any rate, that's Mr. Hitchen's take on things, and freed of any political stake in Mr. Clinton's presidency and legacy, the author lays into him with obvious relish, mincing no words about the long record of sexual assaults and subsequent intimidation of the victims that trailed the President from Arkansas to the Oval Office.  It remains the most remarkable feature of that horrific record that neither Bill Clinton, nor any of his hatchet men and women, could ever even muster the intestinal fortitude to deny that he raped Juanita Broaddrick.  And it remains an indelible stain on the much splattered escutcheon of Congressional Democrats that not a single one of them ever examined the evidence gathered by the Independent Counsel's office.

The whole mess is ripe for attack (what the Pentagon would call a target rich environment) and Mr. Hitchens wades in with the zeal of a true believer and the gusto of a gifted polemicist.  The book is rather underwritten and contains some glaring errors (like reducing Jackie Robinson's career to three years), but there's genius in the way he's framed his argument, in that it requires those who defend Bill Clinton to face the way in which his lack of moral character, as evinced in his criminal behavior and duplicity, parallels his lack of public character,  enabling him to shuck off liberal campaign promises (and, theoretically, beliefs) and embrace conservative programs, so long as they furthered his own career.  The "Triangulation" of the subtitle is, of course, the strategy that Dick Morris came up with, whereby Mr. Clinton treated both Democrats and Republicans as partisan goons, with himself as the reasonable, caring, selfless servant of the public, stuck in the middle.  Mr. Hitchens is, rightly, appalled that the American Left, of which he is a leading member, allowed itself to be used in such a self-serving manner by Bill Clinton.  Of course, for us Right-wingers, it's just fun watching the internecine bloodshed.


Grade: (B)


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