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For any true connoisseur of life's ironies, there can be few finer than the fact that the radical Mary Ann Evans (George Eliot) is chiefly remembered for this completely traditional and eminently conservative tale.  We needn't rehearse the elements of the story in detail because virtually every English speaking youth on the planet reads it in school.  Just to jog your memory, Silas Marner is a devoutly religious weaver who is unjustly accused of theft.  He moves to Raveloe where he becomes fairly reclusive both because he wishes it so and because the villagers find him odd.  He devotes himself to the accumulation of wealth, but is once again devastated, this time when he is the victim of theft.  Ultimately he is redeemed by a young girl who wanders up to his door.  He raises the child and they come to love one another as Father and Daughter.  The lesson being that neither religious fanaticism nor the love of filthy lucre will suffice to save a man's soul, but the basic love between two humans will do the trick.

It's a fairly simple and straightforward story about the capacity of love to heal spiritual wounds and make damaged beings whole, hence its power.  Her other novels are in vogue right now, particularly the unreadable Middlemarch, but this is clearly Eliot's best and one of the most affecting novels of the 19th Century.


Grade: (A)


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