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While we wouldn't want anyone to not read this eminently worthwhile book because of it, we would be remiss not to note that you can get the bulk of what the author has to say from the lecture posted above. Clay Shirky--apparently not an Internet alias--is a leading thinker on issues surrounding the web and social media. The "cognitive surplus" that he is referring to is the excess time we all have to think about things as a function of several revolutions coming together. For one thing, contrary to the myth that we like to indulge about how harried our lives are, we have a historically unprecedented amount of free time, a trillion hours a year amongst the world's educated population, by his estimate.

Consider that Americans alone watch 200 billion hours of television a year. Or we have been. But now, especially younger Americans are diverting some substantial portion of that time to the Internet. And while, at first glance, there may not seem to be a huge difference between a tv screen and a computer monitor, the fact that we interact with the latter whereas we sat dumbstruck before the former is truly revolutionary.

Interconnectivity is such a rote phrase these days that it is easy for us to lose sight of the fact that when we are emailing, Facebooking, blogging, writing content for a website, etc. we are communicating with friends, family, neighbors, and strangers in a way we could not communicate with or via a television. We can quarrel about the precise value of our internet communications, we would all have to accept that there is some value to it while there is no social value to the completely atomized tv viewer staring at a screen. Where we were once wasting all that free time we had to think, we are now using it more and more and creating a world in which a social media written by average people directly challenges the sorts of private media that was/is presented to us by distant professionals, garbed in authority.

While we can not know whether we will take full advantage of the opportunity that has been afforded us, Mr. Shirky wants to be darn sure that we recognize it:
Our media environment (that is to say our connective tissue) has shifted. In a historical eyeblink, we have gone from a world with two different models of media--public broadcasts by professionals and private conversations between pairs of people--to a world where public and private media blend together, where professional and amateur production blur, and where voluntary public participation has moved from nonexistent to fundamental. This was a big deal even when digital networks were used only by an elite group of affluent citizens, but it's becoming a much bigger deal as the connected population has spread globally and crossed into the billions.

The world's people, and the connections among us, provide the raw material for cognitive surplus. The technology will continue to improve, and the population will continue to grow, but change in the direction of more participation has already happened. What matters now is our imaginations. The opportunity before us , individually and collectively, is enormous; what we do with it will be largely determined by how well we are able to imagine and reward public creativity, participation, and sharing.
We're so accustomed to bitching about the imagined decline of the Republic and the culture that it is refreshing to have this pessimism challenged so forthrightly. A citizenry that is communicating amongst itself more and participating more in discussions about a whole host of topics should warm the cockles of even the most morose social critic. Mr. Shirky gives us much to think about--and talk about--here and much reason to be hopeful that the Internet will live up to some considerable portion of its promise.


Grade: (A)


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