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Our friend Burt Boyar has really outdone himself this time. He's already proven himself, with his late wife, a terrific novelist and is a renowned (auto)biographer of Sammy Davis, Jr.. But this exquisite coffee table book of photograph's taken by Sammy Davis is a real triumph of artistic design. Culled from thousands of pictures Mr. Boyar discovered while working on a film version of Yes, I Can, the images here offer a literally candid camera look at how Sammy saw the world around him, a world populated with the biggest stars of the 50s, 60, & 70s.

As the author observes, the camera afforded Sammy a means of putting some distance between himself and the many people who wanted to get close to him, for reasons good and bad, while his often famous subjects felt comfortable around him in a way they didn't around journalists, and so posed in ways that were more natural or playful than in most of the images we've seen before. In the two months we've had the book out on our coffee table it has served as a seemingly irresistible magnet and once folks start thumbing through it they gush about both the beauty of the layout and about the photos, not so much their quality, which is uneven, but the way they capture the stars of yesteryear. Mr. Boyar's accompanying notes and brief essays are, as one would expect from such a fast friend of the subject, informative and honest, but not prurient.

As is the way with such tomes, this book is a tad pricey, but if you check it out in the bookstore you'll definitely want it and if you bring it home you'll not regret it.


Grade: (A+)


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