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Grade: (B)


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Jean-Francois Revel (2 books reviewed)
Jean-Francois Revel Links:

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    -ESSAY: The anti-American obsession (Jean-Francois Revel , New Criterion)
    -ESSAY: Europe's Anti-American Obsession (Jean-Francois Revel, The American Enterprise)
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    -ESSAY: The Myths of Eurocommunism (Jean-Francois Revel, January 1978, Foreign Affairs)
    -ESSAY: DEMOCRACY: If You Can Keep It. (Jean-Francois Revel, Jan 24, 2000,National Review)
    -CARICATURE: Jean-Francois Revel (David Levine)
    -AFTERWARD: The American Revolution of Jean-Francois Revel from Without Marx or Jesus (Mary McCarthy)
    -BOOK SITE: The Monk and the Philosopher: A Father and Son Discuss the Meaning of Life by Jean-Francois Revel and Matthieu Ricard (Schocken Books)
    -ESSAY: The monk, the philosopher and the cynic: Philosopher Jean-Fran´┐Żois Revel and his son, Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard, set out to have a spiritual dialogue -- but the cosmic harmony was shattered when Christopher Hitchens showed up. (Chris Colin, 03/10/99, Salon)
    -ESSAY: Where Did Our Love Go?: France and 'Un-Americanism' (Stephen Sartarelli, 12/24/03, The Nation)
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    -ARCHIVES: Jean-Francois Revel (Find Articles)
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    -REVIEW: of The Monk and the Philosopher: Jean-Francois Revel and Matthieu Ricard; translated by John Canti (Richard Bernstein, NY Times)
    -REVIEW: of The Monk and the Philosopher (Anthony Campbell)
    -REVIEW: of The Monk and the Philosopher (Leo D. Lefebure, Christian Century)
    -REVIEW: of How Democracies Perish by Jean-Francois Revel, with the assistance of Branko Lazitch, translated by William Byron (Conor Cruise O'Brien, NY Review of Books)
    -REVIEW: of How Democracies Perish (Fritz Stern, Foreign Affairs)
    -REVIEW: of The Flight from Truth: The Reign of Deceit in the Age of Information, by Jean-Francois Revel (T.E. Wilder, Contra Mundum)
    -REVIEW: of Flight From The Truth (Andrew J. Pierre, Foreign Affairs)

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