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And the Band Played On: Politics, People, and the AIDS Epidemic ()

Brothers Judd Top 100 of the 20th Century: Non-Fiction


Grade: (A+)


Randy Shilts Links:

    -OBIT: Randy Shilts, Chronicler of AIDS Epidemic, Dies at 42; Journalism: Author of 'And the Band Played On' is credited with awakening nation to the health crisis. (Jenifer Warren and Richard C. Paddock, February 18, 1994, Los Angeles Times)
    -TRIBUTE: Randy Shilts: Conduct Unbecoming? (Michael Bronski, May 1994, Z Mag)
    -CARICATURE: of Randy Shilts (David Levine, NY Review of Books)
    -ESSAY: What's Fair in Love and War?: A chronicler of the gay-rights movement argues that the military actually eases up on its anti-homosexual rules when it needs people to fight (RANDY SHILTS, 01 FEB 1993, Newsweek)
    AIDS QUILT: Randy Shilts: Block number 3780
    -Randy Shilts (1951 - 1994) (Queer Theory)
    -AUDIO INTERVIEW: Journalist RANDY SHILTS (Fresh Air, April 23, 1993)
    -ARCHIVES: "randy shilts" (Find Articles)
    -REVIEW: of Conduct Unbecoming: Lesbians and Gays in the US Military, Vietnam to the Persian Gulf by Randy Shilts (Wired)
    -REVIEW: of Conduct Unbecoming (Robert Stone, NY Review of Books)
    -REVIEW: of Conduct Unbecoming (Roughstuff's Korean War Archive)

    -ARTICLE: United Nations Report says Condoms have 10% Failure Rate against AIDs (, 6/24/03)
    -ESSAY: The Spin on Condoms: Study shows lack of evidence for condom effectiveness in preventing STDs (Kathryn Hooks, 6/26/2003, Concerned Women for America)
    -ESSAY: AIDS 20 Years Later...: Progress, Brick by Brick (Myrna E. Watanabe, Jun. 11, 2001, The Scientist)

Book-related and General Links:

-ESSAY: The Wages of Sin is Disease (AUSTIN RUSE, 7/22/22, Crisis)
    -ESSAY: The Gay Priest Problem: Is there an epidemic of homosexuality in the priesthood? Recent media reports of an "epidemic" of AIDS among priests causes an examination of the problems in the Church that have led to the current situation. (Rev. Paul Shaughnessy, November 2000, CatholicNet)