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Welcome to the Brothers Judd 2004 Presidential Election Prognostathon. Enter the contest by predicting the Electoral Vote and Popular Vote totals for George Bush and John Kerry. Please enter the contest only once.

Usage tips: The form can be used to construct different scenarios, of your choosing. As you make your predictions, the electoral vote totals will be updated. If you would like the form to "remember" your selections when you return, click on the "Save selections" button before submitting your picks. You can also load the Electoral College results of past elections by choosing the year from the drop-down box (note that the totals may not be entirely accurate, as the Electoral vote distribution has changed with ensuing censuses.)

Technical details: The form uses JavaScript to update the vote totals as you choose a winner for each state. It also uses JavaScript and cookies to remember your picks from visit to visit. Therefore, to fully utilize the features, your browser needs to support JavaScript and cookies and have them turned on. We will not be collecting any identifying information about you, save your email address (so we know who to award the prizes to) when we begin to accept actual contest submissions.

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